5 More Tips for Choosing a House PlanIn our last post, we talked about the first five things to consider when choosing or creating a house plan for your new home. This week we finish up our list with numbers 6-10.  By taking these 10 things into consideration, you will be on the road to creating a plan that will lead to the house of your dreams.

6. Check the plans.

A designer communicates through his plans. When hiring a designer – whether an architect or a draftsman – make sure that you take a look at his previous plans before signing a contract. Are they easy to understand? Will all the contractors and subcontractors easily understand what is being asked of them? You’ll also want to take a look at all of your plans to make sure that your designer has adequately understood what you are envisioning.


7. Ask your designer to help you save.

It is the job of your designer to keep you happy. One of the easiest ways is to give you the home you want at the price you can afford. Luckily, there are plenty of ways for your designer to save you money during construction. Most of it comes from planning ahead. Ask your designer to use value engineering, which means that no unnecessary parts will be added to your design. One of the biggest ways to save money is to have a foundation that is fully prepared for your local weather and environmental conditions.  By forcing your designer to think smartly about your design, you can find all sorts of hidden savings.


8. Up versus out.

Another important thing to consider is whether or not you are going to build up (i.e. a two-story) or out (i.e. an extended rambler). Building up can help you with overall costs, since you can use the same foundation and roof for twice the amount of space. Building out can give you an illusion of space and freedom. Talk to your designer to see how this choice will affect both the overall look and the overall cost of your home.


9. Look for extra space.

No matter which way you build, you’ll always want to look for ways to maximize your space. Consider creating a bonus room above the garage or including a finished basement.  Many homes can get fun, useful spaces out of their roof trusses or underneath their garages. Each additional space will help add to the overall flow and feel of your home, creating a unique space for your family.


10. Consider the future.

The cisions you make during your design can have a huge impact of the overall cost of your home. Talk to your designer about green building and energy efficient windows, doors and appliances. The upfront cost may be a little higher, but the savings over time can be substantial.

To create the best house plan, talk to a professional designer today. We can help make your dream home a reality.