When you are building a new home, there are all sorts of exciting decisions to make. Each one works together to create the house of your dream. One of the most important things is the actual house plan. To help you make the right decisions we’ve put together our list of ten things you need to consider when making your plan. Today, we’ll share our first five:

1. Determine your needs from your wants.

The excitement of building a new home can quickly trick people into thinking that they “need” all sorts of extras – extras that quickly chip away at their budget. Before you start your home design make a list of the things your new home “must-have” in order for you to be happy. These are things such as the number of bedrooms or the location of your kitchen. Then create a list of things that you would “like to have”, but if necessary, could wait until later. When you start designing, make sure all of your needs are taken care of before you start focusing on the wants.


2. Do your homework.

To help you talk to your contractor, do some research into the different styles and types of homes that you like. Share pictures from magazines or the Internet in order to help your contractor get a clear picture of your vision. If possible, check out homes that you particularly like and then find out who is the architect or contractor. You may be able to have someone who’s style you already admire work on your dream.


3. Stock versus custom.

When you are creating a new home design you have two main options for your plans: a stock plan (one that has already been designed and can be altered) and a fully custom design. Usually, stock plans initially cost less. However, once you start making modifications, the cost of the plan tends to rise. Custom plans have an initial price tag that is higher, but it allows you to design every single inch of your new home in order to make it perfect for your needs.


4. Know the costs of extras.

Many people think that the square footage (i.e. the size) of your home is the biggest factor on your overall price.  In reality, there are a lot of things that can affect that cost. Some of the most common costs include the plan design, any slopes on the lot, and the types of your finishes. All of these will work together to either raise or lower your cost per square foot.


5. Get the right expert.

There are all sorts of professionals that can put together a plan. From architects to home designers to draftsmen, each will approach your plan through a different pair of eyes. In order to make the best choice for your home, it is best to talk to different kinds of professionals and get their opinions on how they would work to design your home. In the end, pick the one that you feel can make your dream home a reality.