A rambler or a two story, which to pick? How do you know which one will be the right fit for you and your family? Here is a rather comprehensive list of all the pros and cons for both a rambler and two story. Browse through this list and then make your decision on what type of home to build.

Pros of a Rambler

A rambler provides the opportunity for beautiful, expansive vaulted ceilings. Vaulted ceilings instantly accentuate the space in a room and make it feel grander. You also have the freedom to incorporate more natural light into any room with skylights and large windows that go up higher with your vaulted ceilings. An open floor plan in a rambler provides ample space. With a rambler you also have the benefits of one-level living—you don’t have to deal with the pesky stairs 40 times a day. In addition, if you run into any health problems or injuries, you don’t need to worry about how you’re going to get up and down the stairs every day. If you break your leg, you’re covered.

Cons of a Rambler

A rambler costs more than a two-story to build. When you stack components on top of each other, you use less material. When building a rambler, the more space you use, the more land you will need to buy. The price can add up faster than you think. Ramblers are also significantly less energy efficient because the furnace has to work extra hard to fill all of the rooms—hot air rises after all.

Pros of a Two Story

A two story is much more cost-effective to build. Moreover, they typically have more interior space, giving you and your family additional opportunities to convert a bonus room into a guest room or office. You also have more privacy with a two story as most plans have the bedrooms on the second level. Your master bedroom can be a hurricane site and you can still have friends over for dinner in your freshly cleaned first level. Two stories also exude a more established physical presence when viewed from the street.

Cons of a Two Story

The major con for a two story is stairs, stairs, stairs. Stairs are difficult for laundry day, health issues, little kids, and clumsy people. If you have little kids, you can’t send them to their rooms upstairs unaccompanied. The second story often sounds like a stampede of elephants when people walk around. You also have the disadvantage of low ceilings and the potential for upstairs leaks causing damage downstairs.

Whichever floor plan you want, we offer state-of-the-art house plans for both. From our Tuscan rambler to our Craftsman two-story, you will find the home that fits both your functional needs and your style.