-What are the benefits to purchasing a stock plan from Quickhouseplans.com versus a custom home plan?

The biggest benefit to using stock plans from Quick House Plans, is having a complete set of plans that are ready to build. Many online plans require additional engineering or designing to meet local requirements. We stand ready to make any necessary adjustments.

-Why should I use quickhouseplans.com?

When you purchase stock plans from Quick House Plans you are receiving a plan that was designed by an award-winning firm that is experienced in designing plans that are efficient to build, attractive to look at, and functional to live in. Re-sale value is built in.

-How do your prices compare with other stock plan companies?

The initial cost of Quick Plans may be slightly higher than other online plans, however our prices include 5 hours of custom changes, things that other companies charge extra for.

-How can I estimate how much a particular plan is going to cost me to build?

One of the first things we recommend is to talk to a local builder in your area. Someone in the industry can tell you what current building costs per square foot are and you can get a feel for what your plan will cost. You will never know for sure without a firm bid.

-Are your plans stamped by an architect or engineer?

Our plans are reviewed by a structural engineer, but do not need to be stamped by an architect unless the structure is commercial in nature. Otherwise, the city does not require an architect’s stamp.

-What is included with your plans?

We include 3 full sets of architectural drawings and the site plan with all of our plans. Plan changes exceeding the 5 included hours will be charged hourly. If you are interested in custom house plans, please call us at: 801.930.9499.

-How much extra do you charge for making changes to plans?

When you purchase a plan from Quick House Plans, you will receive 5 hours of changes at no extra cost. Please make a line-item list of all changes you would like and email them to info@quickhouseplans.com. If the amount of changes you would like will require more than 5 hours to complete, then we will inform you and additional changes will be charged at a rate of $175 per hour.

-How long does it take for my plan to be shipped to me?

Unless there is need for overnight shipping, we use UPS Ground which takes 5 to 10 days depending on the destination.

-How much are additional copies of plans?

Additional copies of plans are $25.00 plus shipping.

-What is a bid set of a plan?

A bid set of plans is a plan that has been engineered and is ready to build. We realize that to get an accurate price quote from a builder, a plan has to be complete, or at least the critical components included. Since it is a complete build-able set of plans, the words “BID SET” are printed across each page. This is to protect our interests. Most people are honest but this discourages the use of our plans that haven’t been paid for since an ethical builder will not build from a “bid set”.

-How much are bid sets of plans?

Bid sets for Quick House Plans are $500.00.